Summer workshop 2010

  • Info about my workshop at Dance Camp

  • Wales July/August 2010

    My workshop was a try, a coming out, away from my studio work.

    I grabbed the chance to be in the open and to work on big pieces and with materials I could get hold off easily from cheap markets, charity shops, gardeners and friends. It took me a while though to work out the best mechanics to fix and hang things.

    To start with I simply cut patterns into materials and clothes but I was glad when people came up with ideas of there own eg when somebody came to cut into white long Jones for a rave. My collection of plastic milk bottles were made into wings and attracted attention from passers by as it was being made. The maker told me it led to 40 lengthy conversations which he really enjoyed. Should I sit in the streets next year and offer cut up clothes to passers by in order to stimulate conversations ? One of these thoughts.

    My workshop felt more like a street event. I was sitting amongst other tutors who offered the making of craft works in a creative area but I never had that many people around me. I worked on my own pieces and others joined in. I liked that way of working. I didn’t feel pressurised to do anything but to be there. All my materials were around so were my own pieces and that was enough to invite attention. Luckily I could leave everything over night and under a cover.

    When it came to the final procession, a kind of carnival event, I had to pull the various pieces together that people had worked on in a kind of frenzy. My camera failed and I got others involved to help me out. But it was fun. Important to me is that this wasn’t the end. Some pieces were taken to a wedding, some other and my own pieces I took home and exhibited in our garden and some ended in the bin. In the true sense from start to finish this was a recycling event. My piece made out of cloth for washing cars is now waving in the wind outside the barn and gets mouldy and green. I might not stand it much longer.

    Enjoy the pics.

    Any comments

    Or inspirational thoughts welcome.



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