a line inside your bed room
inside your café
inside your gallery
or outside your house


with treated, carved and patterned sticks
or branches


to do this
with others
for fun

please contact me

My Woodline

Clearing out a hedge near our balcony produced a big pile of branches outside my studio. Thorns made it difficult to cut this down for fire wood and kindling. But when I separated the bigger branches from the rest, my eyes caught the interesting lines of their bulging and narrowing shapes. Why do they grow in this way?

Their lines appear to be accidental and unpredictable but they come from a bush or tree with its particular law. Thinking about this these branches to me represented a kind of wildness and freedom within the law of their growth. Laid out in a line they therefore became a kind of “life line”. My interest in lines and borders led me to put these branches up on top of the fence of our field hovering along on eye level. I wanted them to be seen against the horizon suggesting the up and downs of mountains. I put the thinner ends and the thicker ends together therefore creating an up and down sizing within the thickness of the line and hold this up with sticks fastened at our fence posts.

This came about when we prepared the wedding of our son. And so my sculpture became my wedding present. The white of the bride marks the event and gave reason to paint my “life line” white. The line starts at my studio where the couple signed their vows and ends at the entrance of the steps leading up to the yurts where the couple chose to spend a week of their honeymoon .

After this event the appearance of the line changed through out the seasons of the year. The paint faded or flaked away. The wind blew a bow over the exit gate apart. And now the line is our garden line so long as it lasts.

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